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Sliding Glass Door Maintenance

Posted by on Jul 21, 2017

Sliding Glass Door Maintenance

Sliding glass doors often serve as one of the most notable parts of any home. Not only do they make the space look more open, they also help tie everything together by making the interior elements of your home seamlessly work with your home’s exterior elements.

Of course, like with any other part of your home, these special doors require a bit of maintenance every now and then. This article serves as a basic guide to helping you ensure that your sliding glass doors remain in the best shape possible.

Cleaning the Glass

Remember, your sliding doors are pretty much 90% glass. As one would expect, you may have to perform a bit of cleaning every now and then to ensure that it remains clear. This is because your doors are essentially giant glass windows in the way that they accumulate dust. In order to do this, all you need is some regular glass cleaner and a clean piece of cloth. Keep in mind that this must be done on a regular basis. Once a week would surely be enough to keep everything clear and clean.

Cleaning the Glass Door Track

As you have probably noticed, standard sliding glass doors all run on tracks. These tracks act primarily as a guide for your sliding door. It essentially allows the roller wheels on your door to run smoothly so that the door can be opened or closed without much trouble.

However, like with anything else, your sliding glass door track will accumulate dirt and grime over time. A dirty track can significantly slow down the way you slide your door. If left on its own, you may find your door stuck. Luckily, there is a simple remedy to this problem.

First, you will need a couple of things to clean with including a wire brush or a toothbrush, a cleaning solution, and a vacuum cleaner. Once you have everything, take the brush and start cleaning the inside of the sliding glass door track. You should be able to get rid of the grime buildup that has accumulated there. Once that is done, take your vacuum cleaner and clean the remaining dust off the track. After that, take a clean piece of cloth, dip it in your cleaning solution, and wipe the track with it. This should help you get rid of any remaining particles in the track.

These are just a few of the things you need to do if you want to keep your glass door presentable. Make sure to follow the tips presented above so that your sliding glass doors remain aesthetically pleasing and functional. It may seem like hard work but it is certainly worth it. After all, a bit of elbow grease can certainly go a long way.

Of course, if you are unwilling to put in the necessary work, you also have the option to let Arcadia Sliding Glass Doors Replacement Parts and Services do it all for you. We offer homeowners comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services.